November 27, 2016

giving thanks for 2016

pretty tree along a quiet street
Thanksgiving holiday this year was another memorable long weekend with great company and good traditional food. We give thanks for the blessings of family and our special time with them. We always look forward to staying with my mother-in-law and enjoying her cooking. The turkey breast she baked this year turned out moist and very flavorful. The holiday table will not be complete without the best turkey dressing and other family favorites that she makes every year.

traditional food that we look forward to every year

Aside from the usual challah bread and dinner rolls, I also brought a sweet potato round challah version for my mother-in-law. The mashed sweet potato in the mix enriched the bread and gave it a deeper yellow color of the season. Leftovers were made into French toast the next morning :-)


November 15, 2016

stripe matcha Japanese cheesecake

I still love checking out youtube for baking and cooking videos. I've found that aside from closely following the recipe and procedure, the instructional videos are very helpful as well. Youtube has really brought many opportunities for home cooks to learn more about cooking and baking techniques. This is just one of the many interesting recipes I've found on youtube from Epipastry channel. The procedure for making this cake is complicated enough that it would've been difficult to make the cake if not for the video. Need to improve the stripes though by evenly dividing the batter. I was careless and ended up with more green matcha batter :-)

This was a small 7" cake so I tried baking it in a basic toaster oven. The uneven heating caused the excessive browning of top of the cake. A piece of foil tented over the top could have easily solved the problem.

enjoying a slice of the cake with my
new favorite tea cup :-)

Just check out the link above for the full recipe and video tutorial :-) It must be the right balance of slight bitter flavor of matcha green tea powder that makes it so popular in desserts now. I have found so many dessert ideas online using matcha.