January 20, 2006

green tea, etc.

Let me take a break from the foodtalk and ideas with this post. We have been into all flavors of tea particularly herbal teas for quite sometime now. My husband regularly orders coffee and tea online from www.coffeeam.com website. They have a good assortment of coffee from exotic countries all over the world and loose leaf teas. My favorite has always been a loose leaf green tea variety called Chinese Hy-son. Tazo teas are consistently good and one of our favorites. Another one we tried is the Numi tea brand. They're packaged in their exclusive bamboo boxes and they even offer these lovely flowering teas. As quoted from their website, "they're handsewn rosettes of fine tea leaves that elegantly bloom into a work of art when steeped in hot water". Sounds and looks very exotic. But we have yet to try how good this is. Lately though we discovered a very flavorful and aromatic tea brand. This is the Yogi Tea brand available in the organic section of most groceries and supermarkets. Some of the unique flavors we tried are Detox with a distinct sarsaparilla flavor and aroma, Bedtime with chamomile among the many sleep-aid combination of tea leaves, Ginger and Lemon Ginger which they claim is good for digestion. There are many others to try but not all is available at the grocery. However, their website shows all the interesting flavors they have: www.yogitea.com - I suppose it's a good thing that we have been enjoying green tea as well as other herbal teas, with all it's known health and antioxidant benefits.

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