February 4, 2006

breakfast food for dinner

Vegetable fritata and buckwheat pancakes for dinner.Occasionally we crave breakfast food for dinner. Since we really don't get to sit down for breakfast everyday, it's always a welcome treat. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, there are just days when I seem to be suffering from a taste bud malfunction and couldn't think of anything to fix for dinner. Surprisingly, even all the cookbooks and food magazines I have around don’t seem to inspire. When this happens, I usually resort to a fool-proof breakfast fare like this, which always works for us. Breakfast food to the rescue! For this particular night, it was a veggie fritata with some buckwheat pancakes. A combination of vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, carrots, fresh button mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers is just perfect. Sliced green or black olives and some ham strips may also be added for color and flavor. This was a quick and easy meal to fix. We have tried a few Hodgson Mill whole grain products. Their buckwheat pancake mix was what I used to make these fluffy whole grain pancakes in the photo above. Here's a photo of the product:We have started buying and trying out more whole grain food products lately and have discovered numerous brands that we like. So far we haven’t found any Hodgson Mill product we didn’t like.

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