February 17, 2006

a post valentine's treat

Still having a Valentine’s day hangover obviously. Never did get a chance to make a special Valentine’s treat since we went out for dinner that night. A local restaurant, owned by a top chef in the area, was doing a Valentine’s dinner / wine tasting and we decided to give it a try. We’ve tried their regular lunch and dinner specials a few times before but this exclusive dinner was a first for us. And as usual, we were not disappointed. The menu was first class all the way, from the appetizers to the steak and lobster main course to the dessert. There's no doubt we enjoyed the food so much, we were still talking about it the next day! Well, inspired by the food presentation at the restaurant, I guess, I decided to make this fancier than usual dessert. My initial plan was to make a crema de fruta cake with the lemon sponge cake I baked. ( I will be discussing about that after this post ). But then, I thought about serving it in cups more like a trifle. It worked and with the fresh raspberries, it was the way I envisioned it. Having baked a large sheet of lemon sponge cake, I knew it was too much for us to finish. I cut the cake in half, went ahead and made the crema de fruta cake and stored the rest in the freezer. The frozen cake will thaw out nicely for possibly some tiramisu next time. In the meantime, enjoying this fruit trifle wasn’t hard to do.


  1. wow this looks yummy :D

  2. Your nice comment is much appreciated...enjoy the holidays!