March 22, 2006

asian salad

A bag of spring mix salad greens, chopped ripe mangoes and crunchy bits of oriental noodles ( I just used a spicy oriental snack brand ) make up this light and simple green salad with an Asian flair. I’ve always been a fan of these bags of assorted salad greens. They make salad making so much fun, convenient and they’re definitely a better buy. Just imagine if I get each salad green variety separately, I would surely end up with a cartload and most likely, with so much waste! So I’m glad that someone thought about this practical idea. I find meal preparations and cooking very convenient here, although convenience sometimes comes with a price, aside from the fact that there are just some ingredients and preservatives that, sad to say, are just not good for us. But there are still so many food products of excellent quality and outstanding ideas available which make life in the kitchen so much easier. Oriental-flavored vinaigrette or a creamy honey mustard both work well for the dressing.


  1. Here in Manila, those bags of greens are now available in the supermarkets. We have different varieties like arugula, mix green salad, caesar's salad mix or just plain romaine. I always buy them so that whenever I feel like eating salad I have stock in the fridge. Sometimes, I add pomelo, seedless grapes, "kesong puti" and balsamic dressing. For the romaine, I use the honey -mustard dressing. I usually get the caesar's salad mix when we have guests coming. I have a salad bar. So aside from the greens, I have bacon, corn kernels, pineapple bits, carrots, cucumber, alfalfa sprout, hard boiled eggs, croutons & green bell pepper. I prepare my own salad dressing which they like so much.

  2. Once again, thanks for checking! You're right, I'm not surprised, Manila has never been behind esp when it comes to food, restaurants, and technology. I bet your salad varieties are all quite good, everything sounds good! I agree, some fruits with the greens add a natural sweetness to the salty & sweet flavors in the salad. Sliced ripe strawberries or dried cranberries also go well with the greens, with a simple vinaigrette dressing. I sometimes add toasted walnuts for some crunch. I'm glad you also like to experiment with different combinations. Thanks again for your informative feedback!