March 26, 2006

chicken adobo with coconut milk

Finally remembering to check out Martha Stewart’s website, I searched from the list of past shows to watch a video on Cendrillon, a Filipino restaurant somewhere in New York. Chef/ owner Romy Dorotan was a recent guest and did a demo for his adobo version from the Bicol region. He served it with a simple side dish of stir-fried mustard greens. Martha recently aired a special series on International Cuisine and I was really proud that Philippine cuisine was one of those recognized. When I scan Asian cookbooks in bookstores, I find myself appreciating and oftentimes, ending up buying Asian cookbooks if I find that the Philippines is included in it. It was a surprise and at the same time, a delight to see a Filipino restauranteur on US tv. It was also interesting to see his sous chef in the video grating fresh coconut using a familiar-looking coconut grater gadget. I used to grate coconut with the same gadget back in Manila although coconut stands at the local markets also have their own electric graters as part of their service. This chicken adobo recipe with coconut milk and chilis is just one of the many versions of the dish in the Philippines. Every region must have it’s own. I have tried a few adobo variations, with either pork or chicken or combination, with tomatoes, onions and/or potatoes, but it’s impossible to choose a favorite. Come to think of it, there’s no set rule , the more creative and flavorful, the better.

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