March 18, 2006

fruit smoothies

Chopped fruits in the freezer are always handy for whipping up quick smoothies. Hot summer days become bearable with them. Many refreshing combinations and versions have been concocted by creative smoothie enthusiasts out there. Coffee smoothies have also been one of our favorites. There was a time when the term smoothies were unheard of though. Way back in my high school days in Manila, fruit shakes were the in thing. There were fruit shake stands almost everywhere. Usually the seller would have about three blenders lined up on a table, assigning a particular fruit or flavor for each blender. I would say the best-sellers were melon or cantaloupe, watermelon and I can’t forget to mention my personal favorite, corn. I think this may sound strange since corn is a vegetable here, just like avocado. Avocado is considered a fruit in Manila and we would mash them up with sugar and milk, freeze in rectangular pans, and serve like sorbet. Another way we eat avocado for a quick dessert, is to just cube them, with some sugar and evaporated milk added. I guess the popularity of corn shakes may be linked to a version of this called “mais con yelo”, a summertime cooler with canned cream-style corn, crushed ice, milk and sugar, usually served in tall sundae glasses.

Halo-halo served at the Pinoy-Pinay Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Halo-halo ( shown above ) is another well-loved version with a mixture of sweetened fruit and beans, also served with crushed ice, milk and sugar. All of these are well-appreciated during the hot summer months.

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