March 7, 2006

german sausages

Our year-long supply of German sausages finally came by Fedex. The timing wasn’t that great for me though, since it was a Friday and supposed to be a day of abstinence during this Lenten season. So we had them the next night instead. Every year, my husband goes online to Germandeli to order these. We haven’t been disappointed so far. Each and every bit of them is different and delicious. As you can see in the photo below, they package it well in thick styrofoam boxes with extra dry ice and considering the transit time of two days, they get here still very much frozen. So far, we're very pleased with their service.One thing we make sure is to order this in the wintertime, which is probably the best time, to ensure that the items do not thaw out during the delivery process. We have a couple of German restaurants in our area serving excellent German food but we will obviously be missing them for awhile. I would describe German food as simple and rustic. My work-related travels to Germany back in the late ‘90s gave me a chance to immerse myself in the culture, since the first time I was there was for a good two months. The work/training also allowed me to meet new friends who willingly took me to the area’s interesting tourist attractions and popular restaurants. Learning about the culture, the people, and of course, the food, were the highlights of my trip there. I stayed mostly in small family-owned bed & breakfast inns in a quaint remote town, about a 30 minute drive from Enschede in Holland. The first inn where I stayed was Gusthoff Evering in Emsburen and the other one was Hotel Johanning, owned by a very nice couple. Most of them have their own little restaurants and bars with counters equipped with [indispensable] beer taps. Met an elderly gentleman at the inn one night at dinner who, upon seeing me drinking water, cried in disbelief and made this unforgettable and funny remark, “In Germany, water is for washing, BEER is for drinking!” I couldn’t argue with him though, at that time, I was told they have more than 250 brands of beer out there. Most of the local restaurants primarily serve German sausages along with other meat dishes, and always with potatoes, sauerkraut, and beer of course. Those were the best sausages I’ve had, rich, meaty and very flavorful. Didn’t realize I could once again relive the experience right here, without having to travel back to Germany, thanks to the advantages of online ordering. Still dreaming of making it back there someday, but in the meantime, with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes on the side, German food can always be enjoyed right here, right now.

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