April 29, 2006

chilean empanadas

A staple in Latin American countries, these savory stuffed pastries are also a favorite in the Philippines. In Spain, these are served as tasty tapas, which are a variety of small plates of food or appetizers, customarily served before the main courses. Tapas are a good way to sample a variety of dishes, no wonder they’re gaining popularity even around here.The empanadas I tried to make here are a Chilean version. My husband came home from work one day and handed me a recipe for these which he got from the wine club he joined. The filling ingredients are a little different from what we’re used to in Manila. Ground beef was cooked with chopped raisins, green olives and bell peppers and somewhat spicy with the addition of cayenne pepper. Grated cheese was also added to the cooked meat mixture once it had cooled. There must be hundreds of filling variations out there. The Philippine version has either ground pork, beef or chicken with diced potatoes, raisins and green peas. The flaky dough was made with Crisco but I’m determined to find and use a healthier alternative next time using more olive oil instead of lard. Although I had my doubts about it since this is the first time I used it, I have to admit, the plastic empanada gadget ( shown above ) worked great. It comes in a set of three sizes, the smallest for making pierogis and the biggest size intended for calzones. One side cuts the dough circles and the other side seals with a fluted edge. The empanadas came out very uniform as seen in the photo below. They were brushed with eggwash before baking.


  1. i would like to know where you found or brought the gadget to make the empanadas please email me at Myzion2@wmconnect.com
    thanks alot

  2. Hi! I remember getting this gadget which is called empanada press from an oriental ( it may be Korean actually ) store years ago. Some online stores selling kitchen stuff and gadgets carry it also. You may also try Mexican stores.
    Thanks for browsing.

  3. It took us a long time to find it but we did! Empanada press: type in these two words in the "search box" in this online store www.texmextogo.com
    Excellent kitchen tool!!

  4. Glad you found it! I agree it really works - thanks!