April 9, 2006

herb collection

Shown above, left to right: sweet basil, greek oregano, mexican tarragon & italian parsley Our small herb collection consisting of rosemary, greek oregano, mexican tarragon and Italian parsley are so handy for last minute addition to sauces, salads, dressings, etc. I just added the sweet basil and peppermint to this collection. These are my most used herbs, which we love especilally in pasta sauces. Store-bought fresh herbs keep well in the fridge for a few days but no matter how well they’re stored, they usually don’t last very long. Sometimes they go bad even before I could use them which has always been frustrating for me. Pots of herbs are always important to have. There’s nothing like having herbs in the garden especially since they are best and most aromatic when freshly picked. It was such a delight to see these herbs sprouting back this spring. I really wasn’t expecting a sudden burst of life from these dried looking twigs from this past winter. Only the basil didn’t make it. I planted the rosemary in another sunny location, direct on the ground. It survived the colder winter temperature and has been growing very well. I had no luck with the rosemary I planted in pots before. They all wilted and eventually died. I later found out that they don’t do well with fertilizer and would rather be left alone. Most of these herbs somehow grow well even in rocky locations without any extra care. The rosemary finally made it when I stopped taking care of it. Some other herbs I’d like to have are chives and thyme. But this collection will do for now.

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