April 22, 2006


Planted by the previous homeowners, we had no idea what these fruits are called. I took a photo of it and emailed it to my friend in Texas, who showed it to her co-worker to help identify. She emailed me back with positive results, identifying the fruit as a loquat. This unusual exotic fruit was said to have originated in China but somehow, though the course of history, ended up being known as “biwa” or japanese plum. When picked fully ripe from the tree, it’s sweet, juicy and similar in color and texture to apricot. I must say it’s very good and easy to peel. I’ve been picking a few everyday now even though I had to compete with squirrels and birds most of the time. Hopefully I can make some jam soon since my friend also emailed me a few recipes for this versatile fruit. I started peeling some last night but I found that they have a tendency to discolor so I may need to soak them in water with lemon to retain the nice color.

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