May 16, 2006

chicken macaroni salad with avocado

Cubed avocados were quite a tasty addition to this refreshing chicken macaroni salad. The rich, creamy and smooth texture of the avocados combined and worked well with the simple ingredients in this salad. Hass avocado is the best variety I've tried. It's interesting to know that they only start ripening as soon as they're picked. I've never bought a single one which turned out bad. I usually buy the green ones and let them ripen at room temperature. As soon as they turn brown and ripe, I put them in ziplock bags and refrigerate them. They stay good in the fridge, without over ripening, until the next use. This is exactly what I like about them, ready when you need them. I've bought many other varieties in the past only to regret it because a few had been very fibrous. Avocado varieties in the Philippines are much bigger and stay green when ripe. The quality has never been consistent though, and sometimes it could be frustrating to buy them at the market only to find out they're not good. Chicken fillets were simmered until cooked and very tender then cubed or shredded. A little mayonnaise mixed with some half and half make up the light and creamy dressing. Served on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves, the nice green color of the avocados makes this cool salad perfect for the hot summer months ahead.

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