October 31, 2006

apple crisp

juicy gala apples

The many glorious varieties of apples in the market today make it so difficult to choose. Fuji, Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious, etc. If only I can have them all. A very informative website, Apples & More, is dedicated to this popular fruit and it's many varieties. In celebration of the season for juicy apples, I made this sweet apple dessert for my husband's company picnic today. My cousin got this recipe from my aunts in Chicago and she shared it with me. I've seen this recipe featured in magazines and cookbooks but there are a lot of variations. Some require the addition of oatmeal or granola for the topping, for a crunchier texture. I followed my cousin's recipe without altering it ( which I find myself doing more often now ).

I made this not too long ago using the available peaches I had ( see above photo ) when they were season and it worked out as well. I finally bought a bag of gala apples after a tough decision at the supermarket. I went with the freshest and shiniest looking among the batch out there. But that was just my deciding factor, I'm sure almost all of them were the best kind for the recipe. Turned out quite well, although I should probably have used Granny Smith apples, which are tart and perfect for apple pies. The tartness would have been a good balance to the sweetness of this dessert. It may be served warm topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

the apple crisp just before baking ( above )


  1. Hi! Since there are few apple choices here in Manila, using Fuji apples are the best for me.

  2. I think the most common apple variety when I was in Manila was the "china apple", usually available during the holidays. I used to make apple pies at Christmastime using those. They were good for eating as well as for baking. It's good to know that there are more varieties to choose from now. Thanks once again for your comment.