October 14, 2006

pumpkin bread

It has been weeks since I posted anything new. Time just zooms by so fast. Sometimes it's hard to believe that the fall season has began and it's now October! Soon we will all be wondering whatever happened to the year 2006. It's the season for pumpkins again. Seems like it was only yesterday when I've seen those pumpkins for sale at the nearby produce market. The fall season still amazes me. The cooler fall weather is such a welcome change. Inspiring people to get out and enjoy the outdoors more. I also associate fall with holiday cooking and baking. I just tried this new recipe for Pumpkin Bread straight from the new fall issue of Everyday Food magazine. Mixing the ingredients together didn't take long. Overmixing must be avoided or it will produce a heavy bread texture. When the bread has cooled down a bit, powdered sugar glaze was drizzled over it.

a slice of the pumpkin bread

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