November 19, 2006

Italian wedding soup

Reading about the interesting background and origin of this soup, I learned that the "wedding" in this light Italian soup actually refers to the "marriage" of the flavors of the meat and the greens. There must be some confusion about the name because some say this soup is traditionally served in weddings around Italy. Got this information from this link. For me, it really doesn't matter now, this has become one of my favorite soups. Having just featured and posted almondigas a few weeks back, I keep seeing the similarities between the two. Both uses pork / beef meatballs dropped and cooked in the simmering broth with some form of flour noodle added to it. Although the flavors are not quite the same, both soups are delicious and satisfying. The addition of fresh greens like escarole or endive, which Italians are fond of using in this soup, lends a slightly bitter taste but adds great flavor. For the mini meatballs, combine ground pork and beef and mix them well. Season with salt & pepper, Italian seasoning, then some breadcrumbs were added. I find it unusual but interesting to form the mini half-inch size meatballs for this soup. I also added Israeli couscous - a much bigger type - instead of the suggested orzo in the recipe I found. A perfect wintertime soup to warm you up.

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