December 3, 2006

salty-sweet oatmeal cookies

Thanksgiving holiday is now over and as we head onto the Christmas holidays, we fondly recall our many blessings as well as all the opportunities that came our way and we give thanks. Everyday is a day of discovery, a chance to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. We look forward to a memorable holiday celebration, celebrating with family and friends, a season for cooking, baking and enjoying food, a time for cookies! The idea and inspiration for these oversized oatmeal cookies came from Salty Oats cookies by Terri Horn. She was also featured in the Food Network show Recipe for Success. With the recipe I have in my file for simple oatmeal cookies, I came up with my own version as well. I guess most oatmeal cookie recipes will work, the key is to sprinkle a little bit of kosher salt on top of the cookie before baking. The salty-sweet combination makes them so special. The salt amazingly brings out the sweetness of the cookie. I made the cookies bigger and thicker, with a diameter of about 4 to 5 inches. One cookie will surely satisfy a desperate cookie craving.

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