February 21, 2007

sinigang sa miso ( sour fish soup in miso broth )

This dish is usually my first request for my sister-in-law to cook when I visit Manila. This is another sinigang version, which is a simple sour soup made with pork or fish. In Manila, fresh bangus or milkfish is the most popular choice for this dish. Made with miso ( soybean ) paste, the miso is sauteed with garlic, onions and tomatoes then flavored with sour tamarind broth. I was thinking about this fish dish and I remember miso paste is sold at the same Korean store we visited weeks ago. Fresh salmon, a good substitute for the milkfish, is always available in the grocery fish section. I chose a piece with a little of the belly part. The result was a most flavorful soup. This miso paste is used for the traditional Japanese miso soup but I think it worked well for this dish. It was much saltier and a little different in texture and taste than the miso we have in Manila, but there are some low salt varieties available, which I need to get next time. For the vegetables, mustard greens are the top choice but any green leafy vegetables like green leaf lettuce and escarole work very well. Serve hot with rice.
Japanese miso paste

salmon fillets make the broth rich & flavorful


  1. oh, thanks for posting this! never tried cookins sinigang sa miso myself...and i'll be running to the nearest japanese store to grab that miso paste...would you know how to make japanese miso soup? y'know the one with tofu bits, they serve everytime for starters? my boy just love that!

  2. hi ces - wow there must be some really nice japanese stores out there, i love browsing in oriental & exotic stores, i don't get tired looking at every single item...re the miso, just make sure you get the lower sodium miso, the one i got is very salty...as for the miso soup with tofu, I'll add the recipe in this post later. I was planning to make miso soup but i forgot to pick up some dried wakame (seaweed)...thanks for the comment!

  3. Wow, that looks good. I'm a sinigang-aholic, and this is what I want.... right now!

  4. thanks Lorraine...same here, i crave sinigang.