April 17, 2007

braised pork with fennel

This is another simple but great tasting recipe I got from Everyday Italian celebrity tv chef, Giada. So far she seems to be true to her promise and goal to bring easy everyday Italian cooking to her viewers. Fennel is something new for me to try. We went to this newly-opened Fresh Market store in our area to check it out and found some ingredients that are not always available in regular grocery stores we frequently buy from. I wanted to cook this fennel as soon as possible to ensure we get to taste its maximum fresh flavor. The fennel didn't disappoint. It was perfect for the pork because of its mildly sweet licorice flavor. Prepare the pork loin cutlets by seasoning them with salt and pepper. They were then pan-fried and browned in olive oil, set aside and kept warm in a plate covered with aluminum foil. Saute the sliced fennel in the same pan, deglaze with some good white wine. Add the chopped tomatoes and put the pork cutlets back into the pan. Braise until tender then finish the sauce with some fresh lemon juice and capers. Garnish the dish with the wispy fennel fronds.
the fennel bulb sliced ( above )
fennel fronds used to garnish the dish

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