June 20, 2007

famous pizza for lunch

One of the many highlights of our recent trip to Chicago was stopping for lunch at this famous Chicago pizza chain, Giordano's. I believe my cousin, who recently got married, once took me to another Giordano's branch in downtown Chicago on one of my earlier visits there. Arriving at the Midway airport, my husband and I planned to try a Greek restaurant right at the airport while waiting for my cousin to arrive on another flight, but dealing with our luggages and tight airport security prevented us from going back to the area where the restaurants are located. Fortunately, driving from the Midway airport, we saw this Giordano's so we decided to stop. It was the best decision we made that day. The wait seemed like over 30 minutes, too long for starving diners, but the deep dish and stuffed pizza was what we really wanted to try, so we just had to patiently wait for the best which was definitely worth it. Chicago has been famous for pizzas since the 1950's. Edwardo's is another popular and equally good pizza place I had the chance to try on one of my many visits. I read that Giordano's and Edwardo's opened in the 70's. Most of these noted Chicago pizzas are outstanding. The pizza crust stays crisp and not soggy at all. Prebaking the crust then layering the ingredients with the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on top makes a big difference. There's no way we will ever miss this treat the next time we come back to Chicago, it's something to look forward to.


  1. We ate at Edwardo's the following Monday after the wedding. Our cousin ordered the deep dish pizza in advance so that we don't have to wait. It was good.

  2. Yes I agree Edwardo's is pretty good too! Thanks for the update.