July 25, 2007

backyard jalapeno harvest

Thanks to my father-in-law, after almost five years since he gave this jalapeno plant to us, we're still harvesting and enjoying these good looking hot peppers from the same plant. My father-in-law no doubt has a green thumb and it takes somebody who's good with plants to start if off really well. It's much easier to take care of an already established plant and this one is definitely still thriving out here. They're very handy to have, we just pick one or two whenever we need them. My husband has an extreme tolerance for hot sauces and hot chiles and some of these jalapenos live up to his level. Back in Manila, it's my sister-in-law who has the green thumb. She would grow orchids and other exotic plants and flowers along the limited space by the side of our house there. She would just pluck a twig or a sprig from a neighbor's plant, stick it to the ground and it would grow. It's just amazing, especially for me, with no success whatsoever growing plants that way. That's why, I really appreciate being able to just buy these ready to plant flowers, plants and herbs in these big garden stores every year. Growing flowers has been much more successful and enjoyable for me here.

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