July 9, 2007

egg pie

Local bakeries which can be found in towns and neighborhoods all over the Philippines are called "panederia" and they usually sell traditional baked goods. This egg pie is just one of the many tasty treats they offer. I was very happy to find a recipe to try for this local favorite from one Filipina foodblogger. Other baked goods sold by these local bakeries are bellas (a sweet bread with red colored filling), macaroons, dark violet squares rolled in fresh grated coconut (made from ube, a local purple yam), basic cupcakes called kababayan, pianono (sliced jelly rolls with jam filling sprinkled with sugar) mamon (light sponge cakes), ensaymada (rich bread similar to brioche but of Spanish origin) an assortment of boat-shaped tarts, pan de coco (mini bun with sweet coconut filling), Spanish bread (a croissant shaped roll with sweet butter filling), monggo bread (loaf bread with sweetened mung bean paste swirls) and many more. These are the most common baked items sold in these local bakeries along with traditional bread favorites like pan de sal (rolls), monay or pan de racion (a very dense and crusty heavy roll), hopia (Chinese bread with sweet mung bean filling), etc. I found the website of Valerio's City Bakery, located in California, which I would say has a good selection of what a typical panederia would sell. The success of the business must be due to the huge population of Filipinos in California. A visit to the Philippines is incomplete without stopping by a panederia for a taste of their sweet baked goods, fresh bread and rolls. For this simple egg pie, which is not overly sweet, I used a store-bought ready pie crust and just made the custard filling for an easier approach. Any favorite homemade pie crust recipe may also be used. I prebaked the crust but this is optional. Combine the custard filling ingredients according to the recipe provided in the link above, bake and enjoy!
my cousin's favorite - sweet bread with red colored
filling from a local bakery - best when freshly baked

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