July 23, 2007

six strand braided challah

One of my earliest posts was about this challah bread which my aunt in Chicago taught me to make. We just cut the dough in half, the other one slightly bigger, braided them separately placing the smaller one on top of the bigger one. I've also split the dough to make two loaves, simply braiding three strands for each loaf. Recently, while browsing some You Tube baking and cooking videos, I run across an interesting plaiting or braiding technique demonstrated by Tracey Haider-Sprague. I tried it out and this was the result.


  1. Checked the braiding technique. Cool. I used to bake our bread but with the high cost of electricity in Manila, I'll just buy.

  2. I agree it's a very interesting lesson. Yes I agree, it's not practical to bake bread in Manila, even here, they now sell good rustic or artisan bread in most groceries & deli stores. They used to just sell commercial loaves or sandwich breads but have since upgraded the selection.