August 13, 2007

Thai-Mex wraps

This was another excellent recipe my cousin shared when she was staying here with us. She just returned to Manila after a hectic three months in the US. She was here not only for leisure but to attend an important occasion, my other cousin's wedding. She also spent sometime visiting other relatives and friends. I'm sure as soon as she recovers from the long and very tiring flight back, she will be able to read this as she fondly recalls the many travel adventures and happy memories from her visit. This recipe merges Thai & Mexican flavors and it's interesting that just as there is what we call Tex-Mex, a fitting name for this may then be Thai-Mex. A peanut based sauce was cooked until of spreading consistency, half of which was thinned with some coconut milk for the dip. The paste was spread on large size tortillas before filling with slices of grilled teriyaki chicken and veggies like julienned carrots, bean sprouts, sliced green onions and cilantro. Grated Mexican cheese and ground roasted peanuts were also sprinkled or added to the filling. Then the tortilla was rolled tightly and placed on a large tray. About 5-6 tortilla rolls were placed side by side on the tray. Then they were brushed with softened butter and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese before baking.
Bake or broil until the rolls are slightly browned and toasted (as shown above). Slice them up diagonally and serve with the dip. A very tasty recipe that's fun to eat, I will definitely be making these again very soon. Thanks again to my cousin for sharing this one!

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