October 21, 2007

a dinner buffet

a simple Greek salad bar

stuffed mushroom appetizers

tilapia fillets with lemon vinaigrette

chocolate cake & date bars for dessert

close up of date & walnut bars (above)
& moist chocolate cake (below)

This has been a busy but very enjoyable week for us. My family's annual visit was something we were looking forward to but their five days here were still not long enough and their stay went by so quick. My aunt and uncle always love to stay at their favorite rental condo unit by the beach, so after a brief stay at our home for dinner upon their arrival, we headed off to the condo to join them. I slept over for two days to spend some quality time with them and catch up on the latest. The simple dinner buffet I fixed at home for the hungry and weary travelers consisted of spaghetti with bolognese sauce, nachos, tilapia with lemon vinaigrette (I got this very good light recipe from Giada of the Food Network), stuffed mushroom appetizers (a vegetarian dish), a Greek salad bar, and for dessert, I made moist chocolate cake, a batch of date and walnut bars (always a crowd pleaser) and served some fresh fruit as well. My aunt and uncle are once again hosting a couple of exchange students for this schoolyear, and somehow spaghetti has always been a sure hit with these young teenage girls. I'm sure it has been another exciting vacation for them which we will all fondly remember for many years to come.

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