March 16, 2008

craving Tapa King

One of the fast food outlets we tried when we were in Manila recently was Tapa King. It's just one of several fast food businesses having the same concept which remains to be a hit and a local favorite. These set meal combinations are basic anytime of the day kind of Filipino style comfort food which must be one of the many reasons for the wide acceptance and popularity. I was thinking of Tapa King the other day and was craving it so I quickly marinated some thinly sliced beef for the tapa and fried some eggs sunny-side up, served it with fried rice and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. A minced garlic and vinegar dip for the tapa may also be served on the side. Everywhere you go in the Philippines, there's a restaurant serving this kind of meals. Another fast food chain with a very Filipino theme, Binalot, serving the same meal combinations, successfully brought back the banana leaf wrapped food tradition. Not just a fast food delight, Filipinos love to cook it as well at home. Although the usual time of day to have it is in the morning for breakfast, there are no rules, just an appetite for it. I made this meal for dinner and it brought me back to Tapa King and to the flavors that are truly Filipino.

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