May 8, 2008

thinking of Antipolo

the image of Antipolo's Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage (above)

Antipolo hillside

wrapped in coconut leaves, "suman sa ibus" is a local rice cake sold in Antipolo

a typical stall selling all kinds of goodies like roasted cashew nuts

I never fail to visit Antipolo every time I go back to Manila. Just a short drive from the city of Marikina, Antipolo is a popular destination especially during the festive month of May. People from everywhere come to this city for the annual religious tradition and feast of the Virgin of Antipolo, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. This is also the main reason why I always visit as soon as I get back to Manila and even before I leave, to pray for safe travel. Many people also bring their vehicles to Antipolo to be blessed for safety and protection on the road. Every year in May, the place turns into a month-long celebration of the feast of the Virgin of Antipolo, and in the midst of any celebration, there's always food. The place overflows with "suman sa ibus" or the local rice cake variety along with other specialties like roasted cashew nuts, sweet snacks and treats. Mangoes are definitely in season at this time and have always been a part of the event. They can be paired with the rice cakes and eaten with some sweet coconut spread called "latik". It has been years since I had this type of rice cake so I was quite excited about them. Antipolo is also well known for the many stalls just outside the church selling all these treats. There are many town fiestas and religious festivals during the month of May in the Philippines, and this event in Antipolo is just one of them.

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