June 24, 2008

pasta making at home

whole wheat fettucine

Gadgets are always interesting but we all know that not all gadgets work. There are so many new kitchen gadgets and small appliances in the market these days that sometimes their importance and usefulness become questionable. We eat out occasionally but I cook our dinner meals almost everyday so I guess I can say I have a good idea about which gadgets and small appliances I currently have work & the ones I can live without. The Kitchenaid mixer belongs to my "can't live without" list. It's an all purpose kitchen appliance and I have used it not only for mixing cake & cookie batters but for all kinds of mixing jobs, from meatloaf, mashed potatoes, etc. The Kitchenaid mixer also have a line of handy attachments which may be purchased for other tasks. I've been reading about this pasta roller set and so far I haven't read a single bad review about them.

It started when my husband saw me manually rolling out pasta dough for fettucine one night and I even asked him to help me separate the strands as I cut them. He must have thought there must be an easier way. I wasn't thinking about the ravioli maker at all, for me, the pasta roller set was good enough. Ravioli may always be made using the pasta roller but I have to admit the ravioli maker (shown above) works as great as the pasta roller set.

Pasta making has never been easier and more enjoyable. It takes just a little time & effort to mix up and knead the dough using the Kitchenaid mixer to clamping the attachments next and proceeding with the pasta making. With the help of the pasta roller set, I make fresh pasta more often now. Lately, I've been adding whole wheat to the pasta flour for a healthier version. For me, this is a great gadget to enjoy for many years.

spaghetti strands

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