July 10, 2008

a most enjoyable weekend

It has been eight long months since we last drove to my husband's hometown to visit my in-laws and the family. Thanksgiving last year was the last time we got together and spent time with them. We definitely miss the relaxing chats catching up with the latest, watching after dinner dvd movies, all the good comforting breakfast food, sitting around the den and just reminiscing about many happy times. It was great to be back with them again. The food was very good as always! I enjoyed the cooking sessions with mom-in-law. I've learned so many cooking tips, techniques, recipes and food ideas from her. For our 4th of July lunch, we had some tasty grilled herb-rubbed chicken kabobs, roasted red baby potatoes, grilled mixed veggies [the grill pan worked great] and some refreshing assortment of summertime fruits. I always look forward to the traditional dessert which my mom-in-law likes to serve especially during the hot summer months. I now associate it with our summertime gatherings. She slices angel food cake into generous servings, adds sliced bananas, drizzles it with sweet apricot puree then tops it with a dollop of whipped cream. Refreshing and quite healthy too. The simplicity of this dessert highlights the flavors of the fruits. Unfortunately, due to much excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the dessert this year, but I will try to recreate it one of these days and will then post a photo if it later.

the mixed cut-up veggies & chicken kabobs on the grill

The lovely and colorful garden photo [shown below] with a welcoming gazebo by the entrance, was taken at our aunt's place. It was a privilege to see the creative and amazing result of the many days she spent and dedicated here. Every part and corner of her garden has something different to offer as we strolled along and discovered them. Adding interest and fun are the many garden accessories she has collected such as chimes, birdbaths, birdhouses and cute animal sculptures. There's even a fountain which provides the serene sound of water, a must in every garden. I can just imagine the many relaxing days they enjoy in this beautiful garden.

the lovely garden with a colorful mix of flowers

a collection of cute accessories at our aunt's garden

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