September 25, 2008

kaffir lime harvest

With the exception of a couple of calamansi (or calamondine)
citrus, the rest (shown above) are kaffir limes

Inspired by the interesting kaffir lime discussion at one of the blogs I regularly visit, I went out to the backyard today to harvest some kaffir or makrut limes. It was also about time I pay attention to our citrus plants and fertilize them after months of neglect. I was also curious to see the cross section of the fruit and if they turned out better this year. Last year, most of the limes I picked were on the dry side. I tried but couldn't squeeze out much juice from them. But that was last year and I'm surprised to see how juicy they turned out this year. Although the fragrant leaves of this lime plant are mostly used for Asian dishes, the zest and juice can also be added along with lemongrass stalks for an exotic and authentic mix of flavors.

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