September 20, 2008

yogurt panna cotta

A hint of yogurt [or yoghurt] made this creamy Italian dessert not too sweet and just right for some extra sugar syrup flavored with orange flower water. Very easy and quick to make, the trick was to use the correct amount of gelatin powder to create the smooth and creamy texture of the dessert. A basic panna cotta is usually made with milk or cream, sugar and gelatin. I found a few recipes online but sad to say, the gelatin just wasn't enough. When I tried to unmold the panna cotta after chilling it for several hours, it collapsed into a mess. So I decided to redo the process by adding some more gelatin powder [I used Knox] to the mixture. This time I was able to unmold the panna cotta in one piece. I may have added too much gelatin because the texture turned out smooth like jelly and less creamy. It wasn't really bad for a first attempt so I guess it will do for now. I found out that achieving the right balance wasn't that easy after all. To make the simple syrup, I heated a half cup of sugar and 1/4 cup water and let it simmer until slightly thicker and syrupy. Then I stirred in about 2 tbsps. of orange flower water. I served the panna conna with the syrup, some toasted walnuts and sliced oranges.

the panna cotta may also be served in clear dessert cups

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