October 13, 2008

anisette cookies

While browsing a recent issue of a cooking magazine we subscribe to, my husband saw this cookie illustrated at the back cover among other traditional Italian cookies. He asked if I can make it for him. I had to hunt for the recipe online and I must say, it was a successful new discovery. Anisette cookies are anise-flavored soft cookies which originated from Italy. I like that they are very easy to make and they rise well during baking. The sugar glaze and sprinkles also add a festive touch, making them ideal for the coming holidays and other celebrations. For Christmas, I will try using red and green sprinkles only. The cookies came out of the hot oven looking like this:

The powdered sugar glaze sets and dries quickly. I kept it covered while waiting for the cookies to cool down a bit. The icing may be spread with a spatula on the cookies or the cookies may be dipped into the icing instead for a thicker coat. Multi-colored sprinkles like those shown in the picture or other colored sugar sprinkles may be used.

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