December 5, 2008

an intro to places we visited

We're back from our Mediterranean vacation and very thankful for the opportunity to travel and to see a few of the world's most famous destinations and attractions. This was a dream come true for me. I started thinking about traveling to Italy many years ago when I was still in college taking up a class in History of Art. Everything I've read and heard about this part of the world is true. I will be sharing more about our food adventures and tour experiences in the days to follow. In the meantime, as an introduction, shown above is a photo collage of the beautiful locations we visited with descriptions below.
1. Barcelona, Spain - view of the city from the Art Museum
2. Barcelona, Spain - impressive Art Museum
3. Monaco - Oceanographic Museum
4. San Gimignano, Italy - old monument
5. Avignon, France - Palace of the Popes
6. Nice, France
7. Volterra, Italy
8. Vatican City, Italy - St. Peter's Basilica
9. Tuscan countryside drive
10. Amalfi, Italy
11. Tunis, Tunisia
12. Pompeii, Italy

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