April 6, 2009

grating coconut at home

A coconut grater is an indispensable gadget in most Philippine kitchens. It's a handy gadget in other Asian countries as well. Although it's not always true that every Filipino home has one, it has always been one of those gadgets that most Filipinos just know about. These days though, instead of grating coconuts at home, majority just rely on the convenience of buying fresh coconuts at the market. After all, most of the coconut vendors grate them using one of their electric graters free of charge as part of their service. It's a good thing fresh coconuts are available in most groceries here in the US, but of course, grating them is a major concern. I've always wanted to have a coconut grater like the one we have in the Philippines. It was a challenge to find one around here. We found this online from a website selling exotic spices and items, Buck's Culinary Exotica. At first, I wasn't sure if it would really work, but having used it twice now, I'm happy to say it works great. Along with the coconut grater, my husband also bought a few other items like a seed toaster, a few spices, salt and pepper sets. They were all very fresh with excellent quality. I will have to feature them next. In the meantime, the video (below) shows how the rotary type coconut grater works.


  1. Very cool. Thank you for the information!

  2. Thanks for your comment!