June 25, 2009

a relaxing visit

It has been more than two years since my in-laws came to visit so naturally, we were thrilled to have them around. That was a week ago and they're now back home. We're glad to hear that they were able to accomplish what they planned to do while they were here, which was primarily to get away and unwind. Our laid back time together was spent catching up, going out to dinner, then watching dvds in the evening. I didn't cook much while they were here, except for some simple meals. We wanted them to try a few of our favorite restaurants around here. It was a most enjoyable week with them and we look forward to their return.Breakfast or brunch is incomplete without a bowl of some colorful fresh fruit salad (shown above). The rest of the brunch we had consisted of crispy bacon and cranberry walnut muffins.

This attractive lunch spread, which greeted me when I came back home from church, was prepared by mom-in-law. The combination of deli meats with a cheese assortment and homemade sourdough bread made tasty and filling sandwiches, like this one shown below.

Homemade pizza was just perfect for our relaxing evening at home watching movies. This meaty and cheesy pizza with a combination of Italian sausages, pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, red and green bell peppers on a whole wheat pizza crust, is just one of our favorites.

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