July 19, 2009

basil leaves

Due to limited space with more shade than sun around our house and backyard, I know I will never be able to grow a serious vegetable garden, much as I would love to. However, we do have a few pots of chili peppers, lemongrass, citrus and herbs around. Summertime is not complete without a small pot of sweet basil leaves, which has always been on my list of herbs to plant every year. They add a fresh burst of flavor when sprinkled on salads, garnishes, pasta and other dishes. I find it very handy to have small pots of herbs for everyday cooking, snipping a few leaves as I need them. Aside from basil, we also have Greek oregano, which are great for pizzas and rosemary which I like to use for pork and chicken dishes. I will be sharing a classic pasta dish using some fresh basil leaves next.

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