October 27, 2009

cinnamon coffee cake

I've been baking with cinnamon lately inspired by the Vietnamese variety we recently bought from the Baker's Catalogue, my favorite online store for baking ingredients and supplies. More inspiration came from Saveur magazine's feature on cinnamon in the October 2009 issue and in no time at all, I was all set to make this easy to follow cinnamon coffee cake recipe, which I also found in the same issue. I just made half of the recipe, just the right cake size for us. I still baked it in an 8" x 8" glass baking dish. It had the appealing combination of crumbly top and moist cake. For more flavor, the streusel in the middle of the cake had extra cinnamon as well. Lately I've been mixing all purpose flour and whole wheat flour in baked goods for a healthier approach. The cake turned out a bit heavier but that was expected of the whole wheat flour. I also reduced the melted butter and combined it with canola oil. This was just one of the many ways I know to cut back on saturated fat. As much as possible, I also try to adjust the recipes I get online and from cookbooks to introduce more whole grains. I must say this cinnamon coffee cake recipe succeeded in bringing out the wonderful aroma and flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon.

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