October 17, 2009

halibut steaks

Many chefs on television seem to be cooking more halibut these days. Although fresh is still the best, I've always been curious about flash frozen halibut steaks that are sold in most groceries. I appreciate that we're somewhat close to seafood markets where I can buy fresh fish anytime. However, I don't always go out of my way to buy fresh fish whereas I go to the grocery for food supplies almost every other week. I must have mentioned a few times how much I love fish. It just evolved, I never cared much about it when I was young (I guess most kids don't). Having all the fresh markets in Manila must also have something to do with my affinity for it. In Manila, there are big fresh fish markets where all kinds of seafood are laid out so the buyers can choose then have them cooked and served at the market's restaurant area. It's a great concept and it's very popular. These Alaskan halibut steaks I bought were not really cheap but I was determined to try them. After thawing the fish and squeezing fresh lemon juice on them, I seasoned them with salt and pepper then sauteed them in butter and olive oil until they were lightly browned on both sides. The fish came out just right, not overdone and light. Next time, I may have to marinate them for better flavor. For me, the flavor was just right. However, those who prefer milder tasting fish may find these halibut steaks a bit fishy for their taste. I served the halibut sprinkled with a little lemon juice and topped with sauteed chopped fresh tomatoes.

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