October 10, 2009

pork tocino (marinated pork)

As popular as longganisa (Philippine-style pork sausages with garlic and spices), these marinated pork slices called tocino are usually made from pork shoulder marinated in a combination of salty and sweet flavors. It is best served with steamed or fried rice, cucumber and tomato slices with some vinegar and minced garlic dressing. I recently visited the Philippine market located at the next town and picked up a couple of packs of tocino. Not all brands taste good so I stick to the same Pampanga brand we prefer. Their website shows the products they make and sell. The tocino are sold frozen and ready to cook. Just pan fry them in a little oil until they become like jerky but not too dry and toasted. Part of my plan is to attempt to make tocino myself sometime. I found a couple of recipes online that look good and interesting but I will have to check my cookbooks as well. I may end up doing a tocino tasting at home to compare my homemade tocino side by side with the store bought brand. I may have to ask my husband to help me out with the tocino tasting and be the judge, a task I'm pretty sure he will not mind at all.

this juicy and plump tomato was sliced and served with the tocino

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