October 5, 2009

this summer's calamansi harvest

It gives me joy every summer to see our calamansi plants filled with fragrant white flowers and bearing fruits. I just hope they continue to thrive every year. We try our best to take care of them and they seem to be doing well in pots. This spring, we finally managed to repot them, a project we kept postponing. They continue to grow, flower and bear fruits in their brand new pots. I thought they would need a little time to adjust so fruit bearing may get delayed this year, but they were instantly at home in their new pots. I use them often in everyday cooking, for marinades, salad dressings, refreshing juices and many more. I seldom buy lemons and limes from the grocery during their peak growing season. This is also the most popular citrus variety we like to use in the Philippines. Summer will never be the same without them : )

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