November 17, 2009

chicken in cream cheese sauce

I wasn't planning to add cream cheese to this chicken dish but I had no choice but to turn to it when I forgot to get a container of ricotta cheese I was supposed to use for this recipe. Looking for a possible substitute, I remembered I had a box of cream cheese in the fridge so why not. I didn't use the entire box but just about half of it, mixed it up with some half and half, a little sour cream and came up with the base for the creamy white sauce. Set the cheese mixture aside. Boneless chicken breasts, always great to have for quick meals, were sliced thinly, seasoned with salt and pepper and dredged with a little flour. Then they were sauteed in a combination of olive oil and butter until lightly browned. Transfer them to a platter and keep warm by covering with aluminum foil. Meanwhile, in the same pan, cook some minced garlic and finely chopped onions over low heat. Slowly whisk in the cream cheese mixture and simmer, adding chicken stock or water to make it thinner, if needed. Put the chicken pieces back in the sauce and continue to simmer. Adjust the seasonings. Add some chopped tomatoes if desired and garnish with chopped fresh parsley. The cream cheese was a good substitute which made the sauce rich and smooth. It was easy to adjust the consistency of the sauce by adding some liquid like chicken broth or water. Serve with pasta or steamed rice.

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