November 7, 2009

garlic baguette slices

These garlic baguette slices were just the perfect match for the white bean soup which I previously posted. I sliced up one of these sourdough baguettes (shown below) that I've been making and laid the slices out in neat rows on a baking sheet. For the simple garlic oil spread, I minced a few fresh garlic bulbs and poured some olive oil over them. Then I seasoned the mixture with salt and pepper. Other ingredients like chopped fresh parsley or Italian seasoning may also be added. I spread the garlic mixture generously on the bread slices and toasted them for a few minutes until lightly browned. The garlic bread slices came out very crispy with a concentrated garlic flavor.
I've been making these baguettes with my sourdough starter using the same basic recipe I got. Forming the dough into baguettes is just an alternative to the regular round shape I like to make before. Making sourdough bread is a continuous learning process for me.

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