January 6, 2010

cruise food highlights

Finally, as one of the highlights of the cruise, here are some of the good food served to us mostly at the main dining. Their capability to prepare and cook all the food was simply amazing. Aside from those served at the main dining, there was also non-stop cooking and serving at the all day buffet located at the upper deck. To think that they did this every single day, over and over, is just unbelievable. This was our fourth cruise (our second Christmas cruise) but I will continue to be amazed by the skills of the professional chefs and the hardworking kitchen staff in a cruise.

(1) salmon with crispy onion rings and snow peas (2) slices of braised beef with asparagus (3) grand marnier souffle (4) roast rack of lamb (5) spicy grilled chicken on top of Asian noodles with coconut cream sauce (6) dulce de leche cheesecake (7) asparagus and brie tart with arugula (8) banana creme brulee (9) grilled butterflied prawns with asparagus and sticky rice (10) coconut cream pie (11) lobster and shrimps served with yellow rice (12) smoked salmon appetizer (13) grilled skewered teriyaki chicken cubes served with white rice (14) crispy tortilla chips with a cheesy spinach dip (15) layered dark chocolate cake and chocolate mousse with dark chocolate shell on top.

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