April 8, 2010

egg, spinach & tomato salad

Whenever I find some fresh and good looking bunches of cooking spinach at the grocery, only one kind of salad comes to my mind. Soft-boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes and wilted spinach make up this simple but colorful salad. Plunging the spinach very quickly in boiling water then draining them well in a colander usually preserves its deep green color. I like the way the spinach looks when placed on a serving plate with the sliced tomatoes and eggs. The bright yellow color of the eggyolks provided a striking contrast to the deep green and red colors of the spinach and tomatoes. I've made a few variations of this salad and we never get tired of it. For the creamy dressing, I combined dijon mustard, cider vinegar, a littte honey, salt and pepper, olive oil, mayo, heavy cream and mixed them well together. Other simple and lighter vinaigrettes may also be used.

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