June 9, 2010

gelato at the mall

blueberry and pistachio flavors

I only had one chance to try gelato in Italy but it was so unforgettable that I vow never to pass up any opportunity I get to try some more flavors if only to have that experience once again. After getting done with my errands early one morning, I decided to spend sometime at the local outlet mall on my way home. It has been awhile since I walked around and window shopped at this mall. Stopping at this corner gelato shop has always been one of the highlights of my mall walking here. Reading about the cafe's history, it was more than ten years ago when the Italian owners vacationed at this summer destination and thought about introducing gelato here. They had to get all their gelato making equipment, which they transported all the way from Italy, approved by the FDA before they can start their business. I'm so fond of the cute and colorful cups they use which I actually save and collect :-) I have to say we're very lucky that we can get gelato out here anytime we have the craving.

very tasty line up of flavors
fruity gelato (above) and refreshing sorbet (below)

early morning stop at the gelato cafe

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