August 19, 2010

100% whole wheat bread

Having read all the reviews and comments for this whole wheat bread which the Baker's Catalogue claims to be the most popular recipe in their website, I didn't hesitate to bake it right away. The flavor was great, as for the texture, I wasn't expecting it to be crumbly but I was well pleased with the results. I do have a confession to make. I used another leading brand of whole wheat flour (Hodgson Mills) which is known to be of good quality too. They don't always stock King Arthur brand whole wheat flour where I grocery shop and this was what they have. The bread came out much denser than the one in the Baker's Catalogue blog.
I didn't mind the texture at all, however, I still wish it came out as I was hoping for. I combined molasses and honey and used the bread machine to knead it. I had to make sure the water was just right so the dough would be sticky to the touch. It rose fast and high in the first and second rising. I think I must have over proofed it which caused it not to rise further in the oven. Perhaps I need to wait until I can get King Arthur brand whole wheat flour but next time, to achieve a smoother texture, I may need to add or combine all purpose and whole wheat flour. Right before baking it, I brushed the top with eggwash then sprinkled some harvest grains, a mix of seeds and grains. Lastly, my trick to make the seeds stick to the bread was to brush the seeds with more eggwash. Baking bread is a never ending experiment but always a learning experience.

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