August 4, 2010

shrimp lo mein

My husband has a serious allergy to shrimp and crawfish so I make sure not to cook it for dinner but for lunch, I can always get away with it :-) My love for seafood didn't start early on. My mother loved shrimp and blue crabs. I remember she couldn't resist buying them at the market from her favorite vendor. She would cook them as soon as she got home. As a kid, I too had a terrible allergy to baby shrimp but fortunately, as I grew older, I got over it. Store bought shelled frozen shrimp were the answer to my cravings here. They're very convenient for quick stir-fries like for this lo mein. In the Philippines, our most popular lo mein versions are called pancit. Many kinds of wheat and rice noodles may be used. For this simple lo mein, I used a variety called pancit canton, sold in most Asian stores. These noodles may be cooked ahead by blanching in boiling water until softened much like pasta. They may also be added to the broth to absorb the sauce and flavors. I thawed out and rinsed the frozen shrimp then dried them with a paper towel. I pan fried them in a little oil until just done then transferred them to a plate. I also pan fried some tofu slices and set them aside with the shrimps. Sliced onions and minced garlic were sauteed next in the same pan followed by the vegetables. I used thinly sliced red and green bell peppers and carrots. Other vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli may also be added. Put the noodles, shrimp and tofu back in the pan and toss with the seasoning sauce made with a combination of water, soy sauce or salt, few drops of sesame oil (optional), oyster sauce (optional) and ground pepper.

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