September 9, 2010

baked fish fillets

I haven't been cooking and eating much fish lately and I must admit I really miss the fresh fish I used to get from the local seafood markets in our little town. It's sad that it may take sometime for our local seafood vendors to recover from the terrible problem in the gulf. Much to our dismay, the harm has been done. It was a major, major mistake that hopefully will never happen again. Thank goodness though for frozen tilapia fillets :-) I can still somehow continue to enjoy fish every now and then. I made a fish version of the popular shrimp scampi and I must say this was a success the first time I made it. I did note down that the butter and olive oil may be reduced next time. The panko breadcrumbs could have remained crispy if the fish didn't end up in too much liquid. However, I was happy that it didn't dry out. Tilapia fillets were a good substitute to the shrimp. This recipe was adapted from Food Network chef Ina Garten's baked shrimp scampi which was recently shown in her show and highly rated by her viewers.

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