October 16, 2010

tofu and vegetable stir fry

There are endless possibilities and flavor combinations for this dish and somehow they all work. Just one of the many reasons why I love this dish! This was done Szechuan style which has spicier and bolder flavors than other Chinese regional cuisine. I remember watching a travel show episode filmed in this region. The restaurant that was featured was famous for serving big hot pots of boiling chili oil with plenty of hot chili peppers. The diners were shown cooking different kinds of meat and vegetables in it similar to a fondue. Inspired by this, I used hot cayenne chilis from our summer harvest and made a dip or sauce mixed with more chili oil to sprinkle on the stir fry. The bright red color of the cayenne chilis stood out in the dish while the chili oil dip added the extra spicy flavors.
the stir fry served with rice noodles

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