May 21, 2011

healthy banana bread

I still wonder why bananas that are so green at the grocery start turning yellow and ripening fast as soon as they're brought home. I have since learned how to deal with overripe bananas to avoid the waste. I like to dice them up and put them in sandwich bags (one banana per bag) then pile them up in a freezer storage container. When it's banana bread or smoothie time, I can easily grab some from the freezer depending on how much I need.

This healthy banana bread recipe was a result of browsing the King Arthur Flour website looking for new ideas. Friday is my usual baking day for our weekend breakfasts and snacks. I haven't made banana bread lately and needed to use the frozen bananas. I made very few adjustments. I reduced the butter to 1/4 cup and added 1/4 cup of olive oil to make up for the amount required. I also omitted the banana flavor as I don't have it and added sweet dough flavoring instead with the vanilla. I just followed the recipe and procedure and was quite pleased with how this bread turned out.

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