May 16, 2011

sandwiches for dinner

I seldom make and eat sandwiches but BLT is an exception. I must say it's ranked # 1 on my favorite sandwiches list. This is a variation which should actually be renamed BELT for bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato. I saw this idea in a magazine which featured simple recipes from the famous chef Thomas Keller. The addition of the egg was a superb idea and was a nice twist to the regular BLT.

I made these faux baguettes from my regular loaf bread recipe but added whole wheat flour, oatmeal and sourdough to the mixture. They may appear to be real baguettes in the pictures above but I just shaped and baked them in this very useful baguette pan to give them an artisanal look. This type of bread are always great for sandwiches.

Our dinner BELTs were tasty and filling along with some simple but flavorful bean soup I made with cannellini beans and sausages as shown in the background above.

my husband plated his open-faced version shown above 

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